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Have a first or second opinion with a focus on scalability, modularity and the future of new techologies.


A solid technology roadmap will save you hundreds of hours of development and code refactoring.


We have a strong team of developers that can turn your dream product into reality.


We work with cloud infrastructures and the latest technologies in data storage.


We use a single codebase that branches out into both Android and iOS applications allowing for efficient deployment and code maintenace.


We offer a turnkey solution ranging from UI/UX design all the way to backend solutions, deployment and maintenace.

From IT Strategy to Production

Strategy & Concept
Creative Design
Testing & Support
cto consulting services

Custom Projects

We provide guidance along the whole development process starting from strategy all the way to delivery and maintenance. We work with you based on your specific milestones and where you are in your project timeline. We work with global enterprises as well as small businesses and early-stage startups who are ready to turn their ideas into reality.

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Questions? We have answers!

Our CTOs are full stack senior developers that work full-time in our Montreal (Canada) offices. 'CTO on Demand' is not a marketplace for offshore freelancer developpers.

A dedicated CTO will help bridge the gap between you and the development team, set up a development strategy and check their work and progress reports in order to make sure the code is not only functional but proper, scalable and reusable.

We think money should never limit amazing ideas and the creation of new products. We offer, in special circumstances, development services in exchange for equity sharing (subject to idea validation).

It is crucial to bring your product to market as quickly as possible. The average time we take to build a product from the ground up is 3 weeks. However, actual development time for prototypes depends on their requirements and may differ substantially.

Our offices are based in downtown Montreal, Canada.

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